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Storing and transporting fresh, frozen and hot meals inside trolleys, containers and units, fresh food items can be chilled for up to 23 hours without electricity onboard


The Icebridge Cooling Chest is designed mainly for fresh & frozen food items, but can be also used for hot food items.  The product is made of 3 parts, which lock together once placed into a standard Atlas trolley, container or unit and it is manufactured in two different sizes to fit the previously mentioned Atlas catering equipment.


Fresh food items can be kept chilled between +1-7C (33-44F) for up to 23 hours with a reusable freezable Icebridge Cooling Cassette. Special aluminum shelves with holes for maximum chilling can be placed within the Icebridge Cooling Chest to load freeform packed food items as full as possible.


Frozen food items are frozen with the Icebridge Cooling chest at approximately -18c (1F) for over 30 hours. Freezing can be even prolonged by placing dry ice inside the Icebridge Cooling Chest. Hot food items can be kept at +60C (140F) for up to 6 hours. Temperature is highly dependent on how many times the door is opened and in what material food items are stored e.g. porcelain casserole dish will maintain the heat longest.


The Icebridge Cooling Chest can be used for various different use cases e.g. chilling food items for multiple flight legs, chilling fresh or frozen meals for return catering on airplanes staying overnight and departing back in the morning, transporting food items or dry ice inside an Atlas container or unit for return catering in the cargo hold.


Product Highlights
  • Multiple different use cases with one product: fresh, frozen and hot meal items.

  • No changes required for onboard service or catering procedures required.

  • Extremely durable (no hinges or moving parts), ultra-light weight and washed in standard tunnel washing machine with other catering equipment.



The Icebridge Cooling Chest has multiple uses cases within a single product and allows modifying service & catering concepts easily. Fresh food items can be easily stored for multiple flight legs or long-haul flights with the Icebridge Cooling Chest e.g. two Icebridge Cooling Chests fit inside a standard half-size Atlas trolley, even if the trolley door is open and the other Icebridge Cooling Chest would be open the other unit inside the trolley would be closed and sealed for example the return flight. The Icebridge Cooling Chest can reduce the number of catering uplifts and loss of fresh products, which will result in increased onboard sales with buy-on-board concepts.


Catering Operations

The Icebridge Cooling Chest comes into form once placed inside a standard Atlas trolley, container or unit. Once loaded inside the Atlas galley equipment fresh, frozen or hot food items are placed inside the Icebridge Cooling Chest. For fresh items an Icbridge Cooling Casette and for frozen items dry ice is placed inside the Icebridge Cooling Chest. Once used catering items return to the catering unit the Icebridge Cooling Chest and Cooling Cassette is washed in a standard tunnel washing machine with other catering equipment.


Service Scenario

Fly Airways Flight Attendant Linda is starting her inflight sales on the first leg of the day; during the day she will be flying four legs with a single catering uplift in the morning. Two half-size Atlas trolleys are equipped with a total of four Icebridge Cooling Chests that are filled with fresh food items like sandwiches, salads, cheese plates etc. For each leg a single Icebridge Cooling Chest is reserved and opened, keeping the others sealed and maximizing their cooling capacity. Linda conducts her inflight sales normally and opens the Icebridge Cooling Chest when passengers request fresh food items.


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