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Chilling standard Atlas, KSSU & Ace trolleys without electricity for up to 23 hours


The Icebridge Trolley Coolers are the perfect solutions for long-term food & beverage chilling and will solve the problem with uneven and insufficient cooling of airline service trolleys. The Icebridge Trolley Coolers will chill the contents for up to 23 hours with no electricity and no freezing at any stage, allowing e.g. salad items to be served fresh and well presented.

The Icebridge Trolley Coolers use dry ice as the cooling source and it provides an outstanding even cooling performance throughout the 23 hours. Depending on the ambient temperature, the trolley contents will maintain +1 – +7C for up to 23 hours.

The Icebridge Trolley Coolers has two variants depending on the service model: sealed or refillable. The sealed Icebridge Trolley Cooler seals the dry ice in the cooler and dry ice can’t be added inflight or during turnaround without removing the entire Icebridge Trolley Cooler. The refillable variant allows dry ice to be added during flight or turnaround time from a hatch to the cooler. Adding dry ice might be needed when e.g. ambient temperature is extremely hot or the trolley door is open for prolonged periods.


Product Highlights
  • Works with all standard Atlas, KSSU and Ace airline trolleys.

  • Chilling the entire contents of the trolley for up to 23 hours without electricity.

  • Cooling trolleys that will be onboard for prolonged period’s e.g. long turnaround or no APU/GPU available.

  • No changes for catering or onboard service concepts needed.

  • Washed with all other catering equipment in the tunnel washing machine.

  • Reducing the amounts of dry ice used and providing even temperature chilling with dry ice for up to 23 hours.



The Icebridge Trolley Coolers provide multiple use cases for airlines ranging from catering multiple flight legs with a single catering uplift or providing additional chilling onboard. The trolley coolers are also a practical solution for night stops as well: there is no need for catering service in the morning as fresh and hygienic food is already onboard. The trolley contents will stay chilled overnight without any power. With the Icebridge Trolley Coolers catering uplifts can be minimized and aircrafts without chillers can be chilled efficiently, or aircrafts with chillers can have them removed to save on weight and repair costs.


Catering Operations

The Icebridge Trolley Coolers are placed inside trolleys and then food & beverage items are loaded normally on trays or drawers into the trolley. Before the trolleys are dispatched to the aircraft dry ice is placed inside the Trolley Coolers: the maximum amount is 2 x 1kg blocks per cooler, but amount is determined on the length the trolleys need to be chilled. When the trolleys return to the catering unit the Icebridge Trolley Coolers are placed into a standard tunnel washing machine with other catering equipment prior to being placed on the next flight.


Service Scenario

Fly Airways has last night flown into a destination, were the crew stays overnight and flies back to the home base in the morning. The aircraft will stay on the tarmac overnight without any power or GPU. In the morning Flight Attendant Linda starts welcoming passengers and upon airborne starts serving breakfast to customer from trolleys that were loaded in the home base, chilled overnight with Icebridge Trolley Coolers. All food items are fresh for the passengers. As all catering equipment constantly stays onboard it minimizes potential equipment loss and need to send catering equipment for outstation caters.


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